Iconex Sticky Media Zero Labels

Iconex Sticky Media Zero - Sustainable Label Solution

Drive sustainability, boost operations, and skip the landfill

By eliminating the liner from traditional shipping labels, Iconex Sticky Media Zero reinvents shipping operations and creates an eco-friendly solution that optimizes material use, drives efficient operations, and reduces environmental impact — one roll at a time.

100% liner waste elimination is now a reality for high-volume shipping operations

As part of efforts to implement strategies that reduce environmental impact and waste, Iconex Sticky Media liner-free labels completely eliminate waste and offer a unique solution for all companies that work with CSR and environmental and safety standards.

Collamat Linerfree® print technology prints, cuts, and applies labels directly to packaging which drives shipping operational efficiency. Available in swipe and tamp applicator methods with print speed of up to 8ips, labels are applied quickly and securely.

Sustainable, operationally efficient, and designed for performance in industrial and auto-applicator applications, Iconex Sticky Media Zero liner-free jumbo rolls are compatible with 8” OD industrial table top printers and up to 12” OD auto-applicator units.