Social Responsibility (ESG)

Environmental, Social & Governance Policy (ESG)

Iconex’s dedication to environmental social governance drives & guides our operations building long term sustainability internally & externally to serve our customers.

Sustainability In Action


• Safety First
• Benefits, Equitable Pay, & Diversity
• Development / Advancement Programs
• Ethical Business Practices


• Eco-friendly Materials
• PRCA Converting Stds & Governance
• Reduced Waste & Chemical Exposure


• Sustainable Product Design
• Measurable Annual Impact
• Reduced Emissions

While Early In Our Journey, Iconex™ Is Driving Industry Change

Social Responsibility

Iconex™ embraces its responsibility to operate in ways that respect and protect the health, safety and well-being of our coworkers, the communities where we live and operate, and the environment as a whole. Iconex™ conducts business with integrity, openness and honesty – every day, in everything we do. As we focus on our Winning Aspiration, we work hard to ensure that Iconex operates as a good corporate citizen. Our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy reflects our core values.

Our Foundations

Environmental, Health and Safety – One of the highest obligations that Iconex’s management has to its employees.

The Iconex EHS Management System – An integral part of how our sites function, operate and enable us to meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and Iconex standards.

EHS Cardinal Rules – Safety is everyone’s responsibility and all employees are empowered to take proactive steps to halt operations where violations of the EHS Cardinal Rules are identified.

Corporate Responsibility


Iconex recognizes that responsible product stewardship begins with product design. From product conception to final disposition, Iconex strives to improve the environmental design of our products, with the goal of maximizing opportunities for recycling and/or reuse.


Toner Cartridge Recycling

Improve your environmental impact

• Iconex laser cartridge return program provides a prepaid shipping label on every carton.

• Easy recycling of empty laser cartridges reduces landfill waste by an average of four pounds per cartridge.

• Help the environment by easily recycling your Iconex laser printer cartridges.

Recycling at Iconex