Innovative Label Solutions

Solve Business Process Problems

The world’s leading innovator and supplier of lined and linerless labeling solutions, Iconex serves the global companies across food & beverage, retail, quick service restaurants, pharmacy, grocery, distribution and logistics, and manufacturing.

From Iconex Sticky Media to a host of other revolutionary patents, Iconex creates more effective labeling products to meet customer needs and help businesses run more efficiently.

Our custom label solutions improve throughput, consolidate documents, and remove process steps while driving brand adoption and loyalty and reducing environmental impact.

Shipping Solutions

From pre-printed bar codes to linerless label solutions that minimize waste and extra steps, Iconex labels reduce shipping errors while cutting costs. Iconex Sticky Media technology also enables companies to minimize the environmental impact while increasing the speed of operations and throughput.

sticky media

Food Service Solutions

Improve order accuracy, security and freshness control with Iconex food service labels. Options for all food service environments, from tamper seals to beverage labels to prepared food date designation ensure accurate, safe customer food experiences.

sticky media
food service solutions
tamper seal

Retail & Point of Sale

Transform the retail life cycle with improved order processing, accuracy, returns, and shelf marketing messages. Iconex labels and receipts eliminate challenges in the order and purchasing process and create customer loyalty with fast, clear transactions in-store and online.

Inventory Management

Streamline inventory control and distribution, expedite print, pick, and pack operations, and optimize processes with best-in-class Iconex labels of inventory management.

receiving and putaway

Specialty Labels

Enhance mobility with small roll, direct thermal compatible hip and small format label printers to speed operational efficiency; optimize processes with flexible and functional premium prescription order labels to fill and restocking; or boost fundraising efforts with mail and address solutions. Iconex specialty label solutions support a wide range of distinct applications with custom options.

pharmacy labels
address labels