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From the kitchen through final POS, Iconex offers a complete range of label solutions for all restaurant applications to help operations run more efficiently.  Apply our Liner-Free Labels on multiple packaging types, making restaurant operations more productive and profitable.

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Why Iconex?

Iconex is the premier provider of label solutions essential to daily commerce.  We connect people and goods through best-in-class labeling and tracking technology. Building on our tradition of innovation, we are creating the next generation of business process improvements with positive impacts to bottom line revenue.

Related Products

Tamper Seals

Permanent labels ideal for use with food pickup and delivery services, Iconex Tamper Seals secures, seals, and alerts of order tampering to ensure freshness and security. 


Food Freshness Labeling

Direct thermal labels are specifically designed to identify food freshness on the shelf, freezer, and warming zones accurately and efficiently.

Liner-free Labeling

Liner-free labels are designed to speed up processes to accurately connect orders to products from the kitchen through POS for QSR, and fast casual food products. 


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