Tamper Seals

Ensure Quality Control of Pick-Up and Delivery Orders with Secure Seals

Iconex™ Tamper Seal provides additional quality control for pick-up and delivery orders. The comprehensive label solution’s best-in-class tamper-evident design allows for secure order identification, itemization and freshness information. If the seal has been removed or repositioned, visual evidence alerts the customer. Easy to hand apply, Tamper Seal can be customized to brand or package specifications. Order as pen writeable, preprinted or print-on-demand.

Proven On-Packaging Performance Keeps Orders Secure

As prepared orders move to pick-up and delivery, control quality with the best-in-class tamper-evident design. Samples available.

Customizable to your brand and packaging, Tamper Seal keeps branding consistent while providing clear information about contents.

Ideal for use with food delivery services, DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats, Iconex Tamper Seal ensures order safety and security.