About Us

Iconex – Where Innovation Meets Safety for All

Iconex is the leading provider of solutions essential to daily commerce. We are the iconic inventor and continued leader in receipts, and we connect people and goods through superior labelling and tracking technology. Building upon our unique tradition of innovation, we are creating the next generation of business process improvements.

About Us

Iconex™ is the premier provider of innovative solutions that power commerce around the world. We invented the paper receipt over a century ago and continue to be an industry innovator and market leader. We anticipate trends, develop timely solutions and help businesses solve new challenges. The dedicated team at Iconex™ consistently delights our customers with exceptional service and high-quality products.

Iconex Core Solutions

Transactional activity sometimes requires more than the core solutions we offer. Therefore, Iconex provides a series of complementary products that minimize downtime of the equipment essential to business with your customer.

In select geographies, we offer additional products to ensure that you can secure the essentials needed to run your business from one supplier. Contact your account team to learn more about the wide range of products that complement your solution.