Iconex Sticky Media™ for Distribution

Drive Efficiency and Skip the Landfill in Pick, Sort, and Ship Operations

Iconex Sticky Media™ is a linerless label solutions designed for distribution processes that combines the benefits of durable premium print quality, long-lasting adhesion and mar-free, easy-to-scan barcodes for 100% scanning accuracy. Available linerless direct thermal printing technology with permanent or residue-free removable adhesive technology delivers premium performance for 4×6 shipping labels, last mile routing or license plating for trace and sort.

Minimize Environmental Impact While Speeding Operations

Drive toward zero landfill sustainability goals while boosting operations with 40% more media on every roll, flexibility to print-to-size and no liner waste to dispose. Optimize for data clarity and barcode resolution while achieving dock to door staying power.

Iconex Sticky Media™ Zero reinvents shipping operations and creates an eco-friendly solution that optimizes material use while eliminating liner waste. Designed for premium adhesion to traditional and recycled content shipping substrates for guaranteed performance.

Iconex Sticky Media™ Full-Tack optimizes warehouse performance with accurate scanning, routing and tote re-use simplification. Designed for plastic and metal substrates, re-use is a snap with the residue-free removable technology. Ensure zero failed checkpoints, missing/lost labels, or adhesive residue clean up. Iconex Sticky Media™ ensures totes scan at every checkpoint with a premium quality label that lasts the lifecycle of the route.