Sticky Media for Hospitality

Iconex Sticky Media™ for QSR / Restaurants

Improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction


Iconex Sticky Media™ integrates receipt paper and a pressure-sensitive linerless label in one comprehensive label solution. Ideal for labeling, identification and providing freshness information, Iconex Sticky Media™ helps you speed order assembly, improve order accuracy, and minimize food waste. All Iconex Sticky Media™ products are BPA-free and FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Innovative Integrated Receipt + Linerless Label Solution for Order Identification

Iconex Sticky Media™ is available in 40MM, 58MM, and 80MM widths compatible with linerless POS industry print technology from Epson, Transact, Bixolon, Seiko, and many more.

Order identification streamlines order assembly, minimizes food waste, plus improves order accuracy and speed of service to improve the overall customer experience leading to sustainable repeat business.

Delivering increased order make speed and accuracy, Iconex Sticky Media™ drives accurate order fill for pick-up, drive-thru, and delivery.

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