Iconex 2ST™ Ship Slip

Cut Costs and Simplify Shipping with Lift-Tab and Insert Labels

Iconex 2ST™ Ship Slip labels improve the shipping process by reducing procurement and inventory costs by 40% or more. Maximize operational efficiency by using Iconex’s innovative two-sided thermal printing technology to print both sides of the thermal coated label in a single print. Improve fulfillment accuracy and speed by combining documents into a single label. Sustainable Lift-Tab and Insert 2ST™ shipping formats are available.

Eliminate Extra Printing Steps and Human Error

Lift-Tab Labels

Lift-Tab labels combine multiple shipping documents into a single two-sided label affixed directly to the package exterior, reducing printing and paper waste. Ideal for reseller pick and ship operations, the label eliminates the need to add a pouch for invoice, cutting waste, saving time and streamlining ship processes.

2ST™ Thermal Labels

Innovative 2ST™ thermal printing technology speeds order processing, increases accuracy and maintains customer confidentiality without the need for insertion of invoices or external shipping pouches. The 2ST™ Ship Slip is proven to increase order accuracy and customer satisfaction while reducing greenhouse gases and pollution. No need to match documents with corresponding labels, reducing the chance of errors.

Insert Labels

Insert labels pair each shipping label with corresponding order documents eliminating the need to separately print and match order documents. With insert labels, shipping operations print, separate the shipping label from liner, and then insert the liner document with package contents. The insert label design is ideal for order picking operations where a secondary content confirmation adds value.