Values & Core Principles

Come Be Our Coworker

One vision, one culture, and one team are very important expectations.

Our shared culture is one that ensures a safe environment. Iconex continues to place great emphasis on fostering an atmosphere of engagement and empowerment that drives innovation, through which coworkers are encouraged to share new ideas and solutions. We establish increased levels of accountability, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity. Lastly, each day we will play to win.

Safety First - Iconex Value


Iconex fosters a shared culture that ensures a safe environment for our coworkers. This safety culture is a core tenet of our values, emphasized by each member of the management team and cascading to each coworker.

Engaged and Empowered Coworkers - Iconex Value

Engaged & Empowered

Iconex cultivates an environment of coworker engagement and empowerment, encouraging a free flow of ideas and solutions across the organization that drives innovation. By engaging enthusiastically with colleagues and customers every day, we build a positive culture, have fun and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Accountability - Iconex Value

Accountability & Integrity

Iconex has high standards for its coworkers and deep respect for our customers with integrity guiding all decisions and actions. Equally, we foster a culture of accountability with our coworkers to ensure we deliver on our commitments in all areas of the business.

Play to Win - Iconex Value

Play to Win

Playing to win emphasizes the dedication of Iconex to passionately pursue excellence for our customers, coworkers, and stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion at Iconex

Iconex is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion across our operations.

While we are proud that our overall proportion of female coworkers significantly exceeds the industry average, we recognize an opportunity to further enhance our team’s diversity by seeking qualified candidates across populations.

Additionally, we are creating new ways to identify in-house talent, provide up-skill opportunities, and support advancement opportunities to all our coworkers.

Looking ahead, we are developing new recruitment goals, promotion opportunities, and retention plans for our incredible workforce.

Iconex appreciates the value of myriad perspectives and the unique experiences each person brings to the fabric of our corporate culture. We recognize that every one of our coworkers helps us better innovate, problem-solve, and anticipate customer needs.

We also strive to serve the communities in which we operate by creating opportunities for those who are differently abled, marginalized, or at-risk.

We encourage you to explore the many opportunities> and benefits> of working at Iconex.