Iconex Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Enhance the printing process with superior print quality and consistent performance

Iconex provides a complete range of thermal transfer ribbons designed to meet both flat head and near-edge thermal transfer printing applications. Formulated to withstand the unique rigors of each application, Iconex thermal transfer ribbons perform in all use cases, including complex chemical environments and printing over RFID overlays. Advanced thin-film coatings and ink chemistries enhance the printing process and provide superior image clarity and durability with unparalleled edge definition. The result: high-quality barcode symbols, exceptional readability and optimal scan rates.

Protect Printheads While Ensuring Maximum Clarity and Reliability

Save time and money with versatile ribbons that can fit multiple applications, designed to fit two or three standard products, reducing inventory and storage requirements.

Consistent performance and unmatched print quality regularly outperform competitor products

An expansive product range of TTR and resin options for standard labeling applications, barcode and product identification