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Iconex™ invented the cash register receipt 130 years ago and continues to lead the industry.
Improve efficiency, accuracy and speed with Iconex’s labeling solutions and technology.
Iconex’s complete line of imaging supplies includes laser cartridges, thermal transfer ribbons, inking products and cleaning products.
Iconex™ offers a series of complementary products, such as cutsheet paper, business forms and checks, and other useful items.
Run your business more efficiently and build customer satisfaction and loyalty with innovative label and receipt solutions.
Commerce moves fast. Turn to Iconex™ to help connect people and goods using the latest technologies.
Enhance your manufacturing, distribution and warehouse receiving, routing, rework, cross docking, and inventory control.
Build customer trust and improve efficiency with seamless solutions that boost uptime and reduce hassles.
Travel can be taxing. Help your customers enjoy the journey by using Iconex™ solutions designed for the transportation industry.
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July 20, 2016
White Paper

Are your customers experiencing long lines and frequent order inaccuracy? Find an easy way to make your restaurant operations more productive and profitable.

April 19, 2016
White Paper
Are your checkout employees experiencing frequent credit card read failures? Manual credit card entries cost more and are prone to error. Why pay extra credit card fees due to failed card reads?

Latest News

August 07, 2018
The market remains unsettled, supply is still limited, and several key cost factors continue to escalate. Our team continues to work diligently to minimize these cost factors without risking adequate supply or sacrificing quality for all our customers.
June 26, 2018
Iconex has been forced to discontinue our supply of recycled bond paper. We will continue to support your needs with our remaining assortment of bond paper products.
June 01, 2018
After carefully analyzing the data amidst many key variables such as the number of suppliers, the varying increase levels, and implementation dates we are announcing a price increase across our product portfolio. The increase is effective on all orders shipped on or after July 2nd, 2018. This price increase will impact the majority of our product categories including labels and paper receipts.


NCR, Iconex’s former parent company, created its first printing department to make paper rolls and forms to help businesses keep track of purchases.


Invented and introduced the paper receipt globally to the market, integrating it into the mechanical cash register. These registers are known as Get a Receipt registers.


NCR printing department is largest in U.S. NCR ships 17,796 miles of receipt paper for holiday shipping season.


Thermal receipt paper first introduced and starts to replace traditional bond paper receipts.


The Iconex Sticky MediaTM is patented and introduced to the market.


The 2STTM printing technology is patented.


The two-sided label printing is introduced to the market for improved shipping of online purchases.


As part of NCR, we became the largest provider of receipt paper globally.


Atlas Holdings buys Interactive Printer Solutions division of NCR Corporation and launches Iconex.


Iconex Completes Acquisitions of RiteMade and PM Company. Combination Creates Thermal Receipt Industry Leader