Iconex rE-Label Technology

Iconex rE-label™ Technology

Speed Retail Order Fulfillment & Reverse Logistics Sales


Iconex rE-label™ solutions are proven residue-free removable labels for retail use to enhance order pick, fill and restocking operations. Apply and remove easily on a wide range of packaging for faster cycle times with less downtime. Flexible, accurate and functional order processing solutions save time while enhancing the customer’s experience in all retail settings.

Transform Order Picking, Pick Ups, and Returns

Continued e-commerce growth fuels the need for faster cycle times and operationally friendly solutions that eliminate downtime. With Iconex rE-label™, operations can easily and quickly change labels to streamline tote usage for order fulfillment.

Consumer demand for faster order fulfillment requires flexible, accurate, and functional order identification solutions suitable for a wide variety of packaging. Iconex rE-label™ technology integrates order identification and pickup confirmation with variable barcode and QR code technology.

Speed the inventory restocking process and keep return product packaging like new with easy Iconex rE-label™ removal. Eliminate the risk of damage to the original manufacturer’s packaging and ensure renewed product appearance for resale.

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