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Iconex™ Shelf Labels

Iconex shelf labels will drive costs and inefficiencies out of your store labeling process

Iconex’s retail shelf labels and talkers provide a flexible solution for retailers who need to print shelf labels and talkers on-site, using desktop laser or thermal printers. Iconex works with you to design and implement solutions that fit your store’s specific needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Let Iconex help you drive costs and inefficiencies out of your store labeling process.

Iconex gives you the technology and industry expertise to reduce the operating costs associated with labeling. Iconex will work with you to identify a solution that leverages industry best practices and innovative product offerings including environmentally friendly options which will contribute to your sustainability objectives.

Customers who implement Iconex’s in-store label solution can expect at least a five percent improvement in shelf labeling operational efficiencies and associated costs.

Product Range

Optimum printer performance

Iconex laser printed shelf marking sheets are OEM certified for high quality print performance and offers custom inks, varnishes and designs that will result in higher printer throughput. Iconex also offers direct thermal products for portable and handheld thermal printers. Their custom features result in higher throughput and increased image stability. 

Custom solutions

To meet any special requirements of your store or printers, Iconex’s on-site sales support or application engineers work with you to design custom shelf labels or talkers. Our overall quality and variety of synthetic and paper label material options ensure that our label solution is right for your environment.

Superior manufacturing

Iconex manufactures stock and custom labels using industry best practices that meet ISO-certified 9001:2008 standards. The rigorous selection of our large offering of facestocks, adhesives and liners guarantees the label durability and the high quality of the finished product.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom perforations, cuts and liner slits for ease of label removal
  • Clean, crisp, durable images
  • Vinyl, latex, paper and thermal facestocks
  • Resistance to fading and cleaning solutions
  • Toner anchorage
  • Lay-flat properties
  • Freezer condition usability
  • OEM printer certification
  • Environmentally friendly facestocks and release liners

Proof Point

Bring attention to your shelf edge with colorful, point of purchase shelf labels.

Iconex works with you to create custom labels that meet your store requirements and talk to your customers. Display exactly the information you want: UPC/EAN barcode, item SKU, price, product image, and even promotional information.

“Iconex gave us the ability to print eye-catching labels, in-store and on-demand, while meeting our stringent requirements.”

Retail store operations manager