Our History

History of Iconex

Receipts and labels have a powerful history of transforming business processes. For 130 years, Iconex has been at the industry forefront, delivering innovation with impact. We invent, deliver and improve the solutions that power commerce. Our patented products increase productivity, profitability and sustainability for a wide arrange of industries, including QSR/Restaurant, Food Freshness, Retail, Pharma, Distribution and Logistics, and many others. We know how a forward-thinking approach can elevate something as seemingly simple as a label or a receipt.

Our next innovation may be driven by your company’s challenge.

Our History

2023 – Iconex Acquires MAX International Converters, Inc., MAXStick Products Ltd. and Key Assets from McAuliffe Paper Inc.
2022 – Iconex acquires Liberty Greenleaf
2022 – Iconex Launches Sticky Media Zero for Shipping
2021 – Iconex launches Sticky Media G2

Iconex launches of Sticky Media G2, a linerless product line for the changing needs of the food and beverage industry.

2019 – PRCA Association is Formed

Iconex led the industry in establishing good manufacturing practices for paper receipt converting.

2019 – Cenveo Assets Acquired

Iconex acquires the long-run label and POS assets of Cenveo, growing comprehensive assets and capabilities across all business lines while adding redundancy to its label manufacturing capabilities.

2019 – Iconex relaunches the 2ST product line, Iconex Ship Slip
2018 – Iconex launches Sticky Media Full Tack
2017 – RiteMade & PM Company Acquired

Iconex completes acquisitions of RiteMade and PM Company and becomes a thermal receipt industry leader.

2016 – Iconex Formed

Atlas Holdings buys Interactive Printer Solutions division of NCR Corporation and launches Iconex as a separate company.

2010 – Two Sided Printing

Two-sided label printing is introduced to the market for improved shipping of online purchases

2005 – 2ST™ Print Technology is Patented
2004 – Sticky Media Introduced

Sticky Media™ introduced and patented, the first linerless labels, immediately slashing waste paper in half by eliminating the liner.

1969 – Thermal Paper Introduction

Thermal receipt paper hits the market and begins replacing traditional bond paper receipts.

1914 – 17,796 Miles of Receipts

From the largest printing department in the U.S., NCR ships 17,796 miles of receipt paper for the holiday shopping season.

1892 – NCR Invents Paper Receipt

NCR invents and introduces the paper receipt to the global market, integrating it into the mechanical cash register, known as ‘Get a Receipt’ registers

1887 – NCR creates first printing department

Iconex predecessor and former parent company NCR creates the first printing department designed to help businesses track purchases by recording transactions on paper rolls and forms