Iconex Sticky Media™ Zero

Drive Sustainability, Boost Operations, Skip the Landfill!

Product Features

  • Zero landfill
  • 40% more labels on every roll
  • Optimizes and streamlines operations
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint

Iconex Sticky Media™ Zero introduces a resilient and durable linerless label with premier adhesion and crisp image quality for seamless package tracking and optimal barcode scannability throughout the entire dock-to-door journey.

Iconex Sticky Media Zero

By eliminating the liner from traditional shipping labels, Iconex Sticky Media Zero
reinvents shipping operations and creates an eco-friendly solution that optimizes material
use, drives efficient operations, and reduces environmental impact — one roll at a time.

Iconex Zero - Tested Transactions

Iconex Sticky Media Zero adds 40% more printable labels with every continuous roll, meaning fewer work stoppages. In addition, there’s flexibility to cut to size enabling varying lengths of labels to be printed from the same roll. By maximizing material usage, users get more labels per roll and streamlined operations because there’s no need to switch to a separate printer to make the labels they need.

Less Waste, More Safety
Without liners, shippers can eliminate roughly half of all the paper needed for every label offering a dramatic reduction in waste materials. In addition, the variable size feature further eliminates waste between labels on a roll. These combined offerings significantly assist shipping operations with reducing overall carbon footprint, environmental impact, and costs of landfill waste disposal.

In addition to advancing regulatory compliance or sustainability goals, Iconex Sticky Media Zero supports corporate safety goals. For example, there is no risk of slipping on label backings underfoot in a fast-paced shipping environment.

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