Iconex Sticky Media™ Plus

Our Strongest Adhesive Ever

Product Features

  • Strongest adhesive offered
  • Maximum grip & grab
  • Expanded patches
  • Dark crisp print
  • 80GSM paper, 270’ rolls
  • 80MM widths
Iconex Sticky Media Plus

Expanded adhesive patches grab difficult, porous, and textured
packaging making it ideal for recycled and 100% compostable content.

Sticky Plus Rolls 80mm and 40mm

Iconex Sticky Media is two products in one, a receipt and a pressure-sensitive linerless label. Iconex Sticky Media is ideal for efficent labeling, identification and tracking of goods. All Iconex Sticky Media is FDA approved for indirect food content and BPA-free. The Plus product line is a heavy tack product specifically designed for high recycled content and 100% compostable packaging.