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2ST™ Thermal Paper Receipts

The company that invented the POS receipt has taken thermal printing into the next generation with the two-sided thermal (2ST™) receipt printing technology. This new generation of thermal printing uses dual, thermal print heads to print simultaneously on both sides of the receipt.

If your customers are ready for a faster, more enjoyable experience, you need Iconex™ patented 2ST™ technology. Two-sided thermal printing can help you lower your paper costs, improve the speed of checkout, keep your customers coming back by promoting your products and services, and boost your environmental initiatives.


We all know the pain points of running a business today. Deploying a 2ST™ two-sided thermal printing solution can have an immediate, positive impact on the efficiency of your employees, your consumables spend, your return on investment and your carbon footprint.

Improve the speed of checkout

  • Two print heads increase printer speed and overall throughput at checkout
  • Up to 50% fewer paper-roll changes mean reduced customer wait times
  • Receipts are shorter and therefore more manageable for customers

Increase cost savings

  • Less paper leads to lower overall consumables investment (Typical annual paper savings for an 80mm POS thermal media may be up to 20%)
  • Less waste / obsolescence with preprinted media
  • Variable print on-demand allows affordable personalization

Increase return visits to your store

  • Effective one-to-one messaging is effective. Use the reverse side of the receipt for:
    • Return policy / warranty information
    • Satisfaction surveys
    • Product and service information
    • Sellable advertising space
    • Special offers, coupons, promotions, instore announcements


  • Reduced paper consumption
  • Reduced greenhouse gases
  • Reduced fuel and energy use
  • Reduced waste production and water requirements
  • Reduced use of landfill space