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Iconex rE-label™ Technology

Activate retail order fulfillment & reverse logistics sales

Iconex rE-label solutions are proven residue-free removables for use in retail to enhance order pick, fill, and restocking operations.

Order Pick and Fill Operations

Continued ecommerce growth fuels the need for faster cycle times and operationally friendly solutions that eliminate downtime. With rE-label, operations is able to easily remove labels for quick changeovers and streamline tote usage for order fulfillment.

  • Print on demand order processing drives immediate inventory accuracy
  • Mobility friendly formats streamline employee pick routes
  • Enable direct to product packaging order identification without risk of damage to product

Order Pickup

Retail consumers continue the drive for faster order fulfillment and are leveraging Click n’ Collect to shrink traditional shipping windows with buy online pickup in store. Steady growth and adoption post-pandemic makes flexible, accurate, and functional order identification solutions critical.

  • Integrated order identification and pickup confirmation with variable barcode and QR code technology
  • Apply and remove easily as orders are updated or modified
  • Suitable for a wide variety of packaging

Returns and Restocking

Retailers know that the quality of returned or restocked product is critical in reclaiming sales revenue. With Iconex rE-label removal, product packaging is left like new.

  • Eliminates risk of damage to original manufacturers packaging
  • Renews product appearance for resale
  • Speeds inventory restocking process