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Iconex Moisture Resistant Labels

Combat soggy, illegible or missing labels

Designed to repel water and moisture, Iconex moisture resistant and weatherproof label solutions are custom fit to perform throughout the lifecycle of the application.


  • Pick to ship cold item staging
  • Cold storage cycling
  • Non-climatized environments
  • Thawing
  • Moisture susceptible packaging
  • Indoor / outdoor exposure

Water Resistant

Similar to a traditional topcoat label technology for improved print durability, Iconex offers a barrier coating to improve water resistance up to four times greater than a non-coated product.

Paper labels treated with the barrier coating demonstrate significantly improved adhesion and durability.


With the use of films and vinyls, the label is impenetrable by water, protecting both the label contents as well as the surface it has been applied to.

Special all-weather adhesives are paired with these substrates to create solutions that meet the most extreme outdoor environments.