Iconex™ offers a complete solution with more than 10,000 products. We bring convenience and simplicity to businesses worldwide.

Iconex Sticky Media™ Retail Labels

Seamlessly and effortlessly connect orders with products

Iconex Sticky Media simplifies everyday point of sale retail processes and supports accurate order processing and traceability, so you never lose sight of a customer’s order. 

Product Benefits

  • Increase order fulfillment accuracy
  • Boost order processing eciency
  • Reduce retail shrinkage
  • Drive replenishment and streamline restocking processes
  • Enable easy online order identification
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
Iconex Sticky Media Retail Labels for Order Picking

Order Picking 

Outfit operations with a checklist for order picking and quality assurance indicator built in one. 

  • Eliminate picking related errors and lost sales related to mis-ships.
Iconex Sticky Media Retail Labels for In-Store Pickup

In-Store Pick Up

Customer order details help stores efficiently identify and pick product with while enhancing customer experience with a fast order pickup process.

  • Reduce customer service counter process times by more than 50%.
Iconex Sticky Media Retail Labels for Merchandise Returns

Merchandise Returns

Leave nothing to chance by leveraging POS system data to quickly mark, price and guide restocking requirements.

  • Reduce shrinkage and drive sales by seamlessly re-introducing the product for sale in store.