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Drive-thru Labels

Iconex Sticky Media™ Order Identification Labels

Iconex Sticky Media for Order Identification

Easily and effectively identify, organize and stage orders

Iconex Sticky Media creates operational efficiency for pick-up, drive thru and delivery orders.

Consisting of two products in one — receipt paper and a linerless pressure-sensitive label — Iconex Sticky Media is a comprehensive label solution designed to enhance the order pick-up and delivery experience with clear order identification, itemization and freshness information. With Iconex Sticky Media, you can realize quicker order assembly, improve accuracy and minimize food waste, plus increase speed of service and drive repeat business.

Iconex Sticky Media for Drive Thru Pickup Delivery

Product Benefits

  • Quickly and accurately fill orders
  • Clearly identify orders in queue for pick-up, drive thru and delivery orders
  • Create a process for order fulfillment organization
  • 40mm, 58mm and 80mm width and on-demand length
  • Compatible with Epson TM-L90+ and Bixolon SRP-S300

“Restaurants need delivery in today’s environment in order to gain and maintain share. It has become a consumer expectation.”

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