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Iconex Sticky Media™ Distribution Labels

Drive efficiency and eliminate waste in pick, sort, and replenishment tote operations

Iconex Sticky Media Full-Tack is a linerless label solution that combines the benefits of durable premium print quality, long lasting adhesion, and easy scan barcodes with residue free removable adhesive that makes re-use a snap.

Pick and Sorting Operations

Tote license plates are critical to seamlessly pick, scan, and fill open orders. Eliminate downtime related to traditional labels which require frequent media changeovers and liner waste disposal.

  • 40% more media on every roll
  • No liner waste to dispose of
Iconex Stick Media Distribution Labels For Warehouse & Routing Options

Warehouse Routing Options

Accurate scanning, routing, and tote re-use is key to maintaining warehouse performance. Don’t get bogged down with poor barcode quality, missing/lost
labels, or adhesive residue. Ensure totes scan at each and every checkpoint with a premium quality label that lasts the lifecycle of the route.

  • No failed checkpoints
  • No missing/lost labels
  • No adhesive residue cleanup

Key features include:

  • Receipt and adhesive label combined
  • No label liner to discard
  • Drop-in printer loading
  • Label core made from 100% recycled stock
  • Customizable to suit your operations
  • Food safe


Iconex Sticky Media Distribution Labels Process