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Iconex Sticky Media™ Beverage

Manage customized beverage orders with ease

Iconex Sticky Media beverage labels simplify management of made-to-order beverages with the ability to apply customer orders directly to the cup.

  Product Features

  • Integrated receipt and label
  • Liner free
  • 40mm width
  • Wide application and performance
  • BPA free and FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Functions with Epson, Transact, Bixolon, and Toshiba POS printers

Custom Orders

Double shot iced latte, non-fat whip and extra chocolate for Kimberly. Iconex Sticky Media keeps customized orders personal with renewed focus on order quality to keep the customer coming back.


Mobile and Online To-Go Orders

Innovations in order placement require innovations in order fulfillment. Iconex and POS printer OEMs offer integrated kitchen alerts and the ability to queue orders to assist with order management.

iconex beverage labels for mobile and online to-go orders
Iconex Sticky Media Beverage Labels for Seasonal Menus

Expansive Options and Seasonal Menus

Take the menu learning curve out of the service equation. With Iconex Sticky Media and POS technology, instantly adopt the latest menu adaptations and guide the made-to-order process.