Iconex Sticky Media™


Order Identification that Sticks

Improve customer interaction with Iconex Sticky Media. Comprised of two products in one—receipt paper and a pressure-sensitive label—Iconex Sticky Media provides a solution to efficiently label, identify and track goods all in one product and all with no liner to peel. It allows users to run what looks like a traditional paper roll through an enhanced POS printer.

Key features include:

  • Receipt and adhesive label combined
  • No label liner to discard
  • Drop-in printer loading
  • Label core made from 100% recycled stock
  • Customizable to suit your operations
  • Food safe

Quick-service restaurants are currently facing operational pressures due to growing menu choices, more custom orders and increased to-go traffic. Here are a few industry facts:

  • Up to 15% of orders have errors resulting in waste, increased costs, lost productivity and customer dissatisfaction
  • Specials and custom orders can be up to 50% of all orders
  • As many as 2/3 of orders at quick-service restaurants are drive-thru orders
  • In this evolving environment, Iconex Sticky Media provides a solution to your changing needs

Benefits & Features

Today’s customers insist on quick and accurate service during transactions. Our printable receipt solution, Iconex Sticky Media, improves the speed at which your staff can print a receipt and place it on the correct product by an average of 30 percent.

Save on Material Costs

  • Avoid grease pens, excessive receipt paper, and other messy, waste-making methods of labeling orders.

Minimize Food Waste

  • Inaccurate orders can lead to wasted food – and money.

Boost Labor Productivity

  • Reduce crew labor from remaking orders and see quicker order build times.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved accuracy rates produce a more positive customer experience.

Incremental Margin

  • Quicker order build time allows more customers to be served.

Your total cost of ownership is less with Iconex Sticky Media

  • Sticky Media costs the same as, or less than, common labeling methods.
  • Iconex™ Receipt Label printer has less maintenance and extends the life of your cutter by 67%, because the printer cuts through paper, not adhesive.
  • For a Quick Service Restaurant serving 150 orders per day, Sticky Media could save ~$1600 per store per year on average.
  • Sticky Media improves your environmental impact.
  • Without a label liner to dispose of, and without the need to produce both a label and a receipt, you can reduce the amount of paper waste that goes into landfills.

          Iconex Sticky Media Applications

          Iconex Sticky Media saves you time and money by delivering a faster, more pleasant experience for your customers via thermal, printable receipts. Across various applications, Iconex Sticky Media adds value to your business.

          Applications include:

          Identify custom or to-go orders

          • Apply directly to item wrap, bag, or container
          • Separate orders in a queue for drive-thru or carry-out pickup

          Label custom beverages

          • Narrow-width 58mm or 40mm options ideal for cup application
          • No messy wax pencils or markers

          Clearly mark online and catering orders

          • Apply to tray or bag to assist in order consolidation or verification

          Seal boxes or containers

          • Variable receipt label length

          Print nutritional information

          • Easier to handle than traditional labels
          • Eliminates the need for unique packaging

              Business Impact

              Iconex Sticky Media is a unique combination of 2 products—receipt paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive label.

              Iconex Sticky Media is a more cost-effective and operationally efficient solution for identifying and tracking consumer orders. Iconex eased efficiency means orders can be fulfilled up to 10% faster in busy work environments, resulting in potential revenue enhancements from productivity improvements.

              • Reduce the steps and materials required for order processing
              • Eliminate manual processes involving loose receipts, staples, tape, grease pencils and markers, stickers, and traditional labels with liners
              • 10X stickier than competitors’ labels, which tend to fall off
              • Grip label without it sticking to gloves
              • No extra step of peeling liner or throwing liner away

              Iconex Sticky Media stays in place and is easy to handle, allowing more productivity.

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                Latest News

                June 26, 2018
                Iconex has been forced to discontinue our supply of recycled bond paper. We will continue to support your needs with our remaining assortment of bond paper products.
                June 01, 2018
                After carefully analyzing the data amidst many key variables such as the number of suppliers, the varying increase levels, and implementation dates we are announcing a price increase across our product portfolio. The increase is effective on all orders shipped on or after July 2nd, 2018. This price increase will impact the majority of our product categories including labels and paper receipts.
                May 04, 2018
                The market continues to experience rapid change, supply is still a primary concern, and market prices will be stable or rising for the balance of 2018.