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Iconex™ Piggyback Labels

Increase operational efficiency and reduce traditional piggyback label costs up to 30%

New Iconex single-layer, patent pending piggyback labels eliminate layers.

Iconex Piggyback Labels

Iconex piggyback labels integrate multiple labels into one. These labels help optimize processes in supply chain operations such as shipping, receiving, product selection, putaway and product identification. Iconex single-layer piggyback labels eliminate an entire layer of material from traditional dual-layer piggyback designs — delivering the same great functionality with more labels per roll. This reduces time spent changing rolls and slashes liner waste.

Increase supply chain accuracy

Piggyback duplicate or parent-child associated barcoding for item identification.

Improve traceability and inventory flow

Enhance FIFO (first in, first out) visibility and item management at each step.

Streamline receiving, sorting and replenishment

Easily identify rack location/placement, pick-by dates or promotional periods.

piggyback labels

Iconex single-layer piggyback labels decrease operational costs and provide the best value solution for piggyback label applications.