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Iconex 2ST™ Ship Slip

Simplify shipping processes and reduce costs by 40% or more

Iconex 2ST™Ship Slip labels improve process throughput and operational efficiency, reduce procurement and inventory costs, and add value to your business. 

Iconex 2ST Ship Slip lift-tab and insert labels feature an innovative thermal printing technology that simultaneously prints on both sides of a thermal-coated label — eliminating extra printing steps, human errors and time spent matching documents with corresponding labels.

By improving efficiency, decreasing labor and eliminating the costs associated with multiple printers and consumables, Iconex 2ST Ship Slip labels reduce the total cost of a typical shipping label application process by more than 40%.

  • Custom fanfold with pre-print options
  • Speed order processing
  • Decrease labor efforts
  • Eliminate secondary printing operations
  • Improve fulfillment accuracy
  • Reduce liner waste

Iconex 2ST Ship Slip Lift-Tab Labels

Ship Slip lift-tab labels combine multiple shipping documents into one, two-sided label that is affixed directly to outside of the package.

This single-step application features an integrated lift-tab that enables customers to easily access the inner-printed documents.

Printing on the label liner results in less direct waste of paper and the reduced use of plastics and chemicals associated with paper usage.

Iconex 2ST Ship Slip Insert Labels

Ship Slip insert labels automatically pair the shipping label with the corresponding order documents that are placed within the package.

This simple process ensures that the shipping documents match the order documents, increasing order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Iconex 2ST Ship Slip labels result in a positive environmental impact including reduced greenhouse gases and decreased water and air pollution.