2ST™ Thermal Labels


2ST™ is a direct thermal label-printing technology that uses two thermal printheads to print simultaneously on both the front and back sides of a thermal-coated label.

2ST™ Two-Sided Thermal Label Applications

2ST™ two-sided label printing brings innovation to shipping, logistics, production, and product identification.

Distribution Labeling

  • Shipping labels and pick tickets
  • Shipping labels and return forms
  • Customer return labels and instruction documents

Product and Item Marking

  • Airline baggage tag and labels
  • Postage and customer receipt


  • Display the schedule of upcoming events
  • Provide discounts and coupons
  • Event registration and name badge labeling

Production and Warehouse Management

  • Quality-control labels and inspection documents
  • Product-tracking documents and inventory-control labels

Benefits & Features

Watch your total cost of ownership drop

  • Reduce labor costs by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Streamline supply-chain expenditures by lowering inventory and reducing freight
  • Reduce waste due to obsolescence, pre-printed media

Improve operational efficiency

  • Two printheads increase printer speed and overall throughput
  • Eliminates separate label and document printing processes, no need to spend time matching media
  • Costly matching errors are eliminated and customer satisfaction improved

Maximize messaging effectiveness

  • Targeted marketing means results you can count on and builds customer loyalty
  • Variable print on-demand for the ultimate in affordable personalization
  • Enhance your profitability by eliminating costly preprinted media

Environmental Benefits

  • Less direct waste of paper as label liner is not discarded
  • Less plastics and chemicals associated with paper usage
  • Less energy consumed during the production and distribution of labels
  • Reduced greenhouse gas and other emissions
  • Reduced waste production and water requirements
  • Reduced use of landfill space

Business Impact

Powerful new 2ST™ two-sided thermal label-printing technology improves operational efficiency by reducing the need to print documents in addition to your thermal labels. It also enables customized, on-demand messaging on the release liner of labels, space that was previously wasted.

Improve the speed of checkout

  • Two print heads increase printer speed and overall throughput at checkout
  • Up to 50% fewer paper-roll changes mean reduced customer wait times
  • Receipts are shorter and therefore more manageable for customers

Cost savings of a typical shipping label application process:

Traditional Process Cost Components: Hard Cost and Labor Cost

Current process involves

  • Cost of packing slip
  • Cost to print packing slip
  • Cost of shipping label
  • Cost to print shipping label
  • Time to match label to slip
  • Cost of packing slip pouch
  • Time to put packing slip in pouch
  • Time to apply label

2ST™ Process

  • Cost of 2ST™ shipping label
  • Cost to print shipping label
  • Time to apply label

Total Costs With Packing Slip Pouch, No Printer Costs Included(For 100 boxes processed)

Today: $29.76
With 2ST™: $11.56
Savings: 61%

Traditional Process Cost Components: Hard Cost Only

Current Process Involves:

  • Cost of packing slip
  • Cost of toner to print packing slip
  • Cost of shipping label
  • Cost of packing slip pouch

2ST™ Process

  • Cost of 2ST™ shipping label

Total Costs With Packing Slip Pouch, No Printer Costs Included(For 100 boxes processed)

Today: $17.51
With 2ST™: $11.13
Savings: 44.3%

Communicate effectively and grow revenue by printing on the release liner

Coupon/ Promotional Activity

  • Drive more traffic/sales
  • Financial incentive
  • Promote new products
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Conduct marketing surveys

Customer Education

  • Discuss community relations
  • Explain warranties
  • Provide product information
  • Customer marketing surveys

Delivery Information

  • Improves productivity
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Return policies/instructions
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Latest News

March 14, 2018
We have confirmed that Connect Chemical has begun production of leuco dye, however, a shortage of the intermediary chemical MAP is limiting their production to 50-70% of available capacity. Fukang has also resumed production although their capacity level is unconfirmed. Chameleon Chemical plans to resume production possibly as early as this week.
February 01, 2018
As indicated in our previous update, costs continue to escalate in the market due to the chemical shortage.  These rising costs are now affecting new product categories and have reached the point that we are forced to raise prices across our portfolio. 
January 19, 2018
As the leader in the market, we would like to address some of the rumors and speculation regarding the unprecedented and unpredictable situation impacting the global thermal paper market.