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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Get high quality, durable results from your thermal printing applications with Iconex™ thermal transfer solutions.

Our range of thermal transfer ribbons is formulated to withstand the rigors that are unique to each application, including those that are more complex such as chemical environments and printing over RFID overlays.

Iconex™ TTR provide superior image clarity and durability and unparalleled edge definition resulting in optimal readability and scan rates. What is more, you will boost equipment performance and print head life due to the Iconex Static Protection Elimination Control.

Iconex™ has a TTR product set designed to provide fewer ink formulations that meet the needs of more print applications. A single Iconex™ product can fit applications that are designed for two or three standard products, allowing you to carry fewer ribbons in inventory and saving you time and money in procurement and storage.

Product Range

Iconex™ Ultra Wax Formulation

Resin-enhanced solution for standard labeling applications

Iconex™ Ultra V Formulation

Midrange TTR; industry benchmark

Iconex™ Ultra Print Formulation

Produces the most durable results of any midrange TTR

Iconex™ Pacesetter Formulation

For barcode and product identification

Iconex™ K3 Formulation

All-resin TTR for barcode and product identification

Iconex™ Prism Formulation

Midrange color TTR for barcode and product identification

Iconex™ Ultra Edge Formulation

A near-edge technology, wax resin thermal transfer ribbon