High Quality Labels for QSR & Restaurants

When it comes to ordering food, people expect it to arrive exactly how they want.

Fast. Accurate. Delicious. Iconex helps you deliver.


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Satisfy Customer Demands

Satisfy customer demands for custom and carryout orders with our all-in-one Iconex Sticky Media™. Decrease accuracy complaints by up to 25%.

Deliver Quality Receipts

Thermal receipts, single-ply or multi-ply paper, including our 2ST™ receipt, are certified by Iconex to deliver the highest of quality every time.

Avoid Equipment Malfunction

Avoid equipment malfunction from fryer airborne grease (Tip: 78% of credit card misreads can be recovered after cleaning your printers and systems!).

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Iconex offers a complete range of printer supplies, including labels, paper receipts, cleaning products, laser cartridges and more. Plus, we provide ongoing support and expertise so you never need to deal with a third-party vendor.

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