Iconex Sticky Media™ G2 Product Line

Iconex Sticky Media™ G2 Product Line

December 13, 2021

Iconex expands offering with the stickiest lightweight linerless yet to meet the rigors of food delivery

As delivery orders grow exponentially, new Iconex Sticky Media™ G2 product line serves up a POS, store-to-door order management solution to advance sustainability, help restaurants optimize operations.

(Duluth, Ga) December 13, 2021 – Iconex, the world’s leading provider of innovative label solutions and paper receipts, has released the industry’s stickiest lightweight linerless label product yet. Iconex Sticky Media™ G2 marries lightweight paper with twice the adhesive grip of the original Sticky Media product line to target delivery operations and reduced environmental impact. Sticky Media G2 brings the same industry transforming efficiencies that come from blending a traditional receipt paper with a linerless pressure-sensitive label. The solution efficiently labels, identifies and tracks items all in one product – and now provides the advanced design and adhesion power demanded by the rapidly changing food and product delivery industries.


From quick service (QSR) to fast casual to traditional, the pandemic significantly increased the role of labels in the food and beverage industry. No longer used mainly for back of house orders, today’s labels must endure the delivery process from kitchen to customer.

According to a recent Research and Markets Online Food Delivery Services Global Market 2021 report, today’s $115 billion food delivery market is expected to reach $192 billion by 2025. In retail as well, groceries and other products have also turned to home delivery, driving the need for better labels.

Sticky Media G2’s unique adhesive chemistry and patch designs provide the stickiest product on the market. Maximizing contact through increased adhesive surface area that forms to packaging, the new product line delivers unparalleled resistance to wind, moisture and extremes of heat or cold needed for drive-thru windows and long-distance or local delivery orders.

Quick-service restaurants worldwide use Iconex Sticky Media products, and this next generation has universal performance applications beyond kitchens, delivery and table service into distribution, e-commerce and late-stage delivery.


Iconex Sticky Media G2’s boosts performance to enable the use of new packaging materials including sustainable, often porous mixed-content recycled materials. Iconex, a member of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), has invested significantly in providing low-cost, more sustainable products to its customers as they continue to move toward more sustainable operations and look to reduce their carbon footprint.

The product’s light weight 55GSM paper adds 22.8% more paper than a standard 270-foot roll, dramatically reducing waste and the number of times workers need to replace spent rolls.

Iconex Director of Product Solutions Kari Greason says, “We created this next generation of Sticky Media to equip our customers with a label that works across point-of-sale counters, staging areas and mobile ordering and delivery – and with a level of stickiness that anticipates the evolving needs of new materials and technology.”

Iconex subjected the Sticky Media G2 to rigorous testing in its state-of-the-art labs to ensure the adhesives lay flat, form to a wide array of shapes and materials, and hold up under a variety of environmental conditions. These new products have been endurance-tested in over 100,000 transactions.

Learn more about Iconex Sticky Media and the G2 line.

About Iconex

Iconex is the world’s leading low-cost provider of paper receipt and variable print label solutions that transform business processes to drive profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and sustainability. A tradition of innovation dating back to 1887 is woven into the fabric of Iconex’s identity beginning with the company’s invention of the paper receipt, which revolutionized business transactions. That spirit of innovation continues with the introduction of Iconex Sticky Media™, Sticky Media G2 and other patented innovations that are relied on by several of the world’s largest companies in food & beverage, retail, quick service restaurants, grocery, pharmacy, manufacturing and distribution and logistics to streamline operations, leading to an improved customer experience. For more information, please visit www.iconex.com.


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