February 4, 2022

Dear Valued Customer:

Iconex is continuing to deliver on our popular 2ST™ products; however, there will be a discontinuation of the two-sided thermal paper due to end-of-life decisions made by our raw material suppliers. 2ST thermal paper will continue to be sold until exhausted, and options are listed below to replace the two-sided thermal version for future orders. The product is manufactured in smaller production batches than mainstream single-sided thermal paper.  This means that it is a niche product for the thermal paper coating mills, and it is a niche product for the paper-making mills who supply the special base paper onto which the thermal coating is applied.  One year ago, there were three thermal paper coating mills licensed to make 2ST paper.  One-by-one, each of the three production mills stopped making 2ST.  The third and final production mill made a discontinuation decision recently.  The global demand for coated thermal paper is very high today and certainly has played a role in this collective decision. 

Iconex purchased the output of the final manufacturing run.  We will continue to sell our 2ST receipt paper rolls until our finished goods and raw inventory is exhausted.  From this moment forward we will be fulfilling orders on a first come first served basis.  It is difficult to forecast exactly when our last inventory is sold out, but we anticipate it could happen soon.  Fortunately, most printers for both retail point-of-sale and banking ATMs have built-in capability to detect the presence of two-sided or single-sided paper at the time of the paper roll installation.  The transition from two-sided paper rolls to single-sided thermal paper rolls will be an easy change in nearly all applications. 

  • For RETAIL POINT-OF-SALE applications, Iconex SKU # 9079-0001 two-sided 2ST thermal paper rolls are replaced by Iconex SKU # 9078-0566 single-sided thermal paper rolls. 
  • For BANKING ATM and ITM applications, Iconex SKU # 9079-0792 two-sided 2ST thermal paper rolls are replaced by Iconex SKU 9093-0003 single-sided thermal paper rolls.

Please contact your Iconex representative or visit www.IconexStore.com to explore alternative choices and varieties of single-sided thermal paper rolls.  If you need assistance with your devices, printers, or software, we ask that you contact your hardware or software partners for support.

Thank you for your continued partnership.


Jeffrey A. Whitford
Executive Vice President, Sales