July 16, 2021


Dear Valued Customer:

The Label market continues to experience a significant amount of pressure due to increasing demand and rising material costs.

The overall demand for labels is having an adverse effect on the marketplace. Nearly every supplier is scrambling to consistently keep up with material input demands. Late and short material deliveries have become commonplace as a result.

As a result of the demand, every single input we utilize for label production and conversion has risen in cost since the previously announced increase in May. In addition to the raw materials, suppliers indicate that transportation and labor are also fueling their increases in the market.

Due to these increases Iconex is announcing a price increase on all label products shipped on or after August 23rd, 2021.

Your sales representative will be in contact in the coming weeks to communicate the exact details. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.




Jeffrey A. Whitford
Executive Vice President, Sales