Sticky Media for Retail

Iconex™ Sticky Media for Retail

Revolutionize Retail Order Management Reducing Cycle Time


Never lose sight of an order again. Iconex Sticky Media™ Retail simplifies and supports accurate order processing and traceability by effortlessly connecting orders with products. Utilizing variable data to drive operations and order management, orders flow seamlessly from order pick to pickup, even through return and restocking. Operational efficiencies improve back of store order readiness to improve the overall customer experience with shortened order wait time.

Effortlessly Manage Product Orders from Picking to Pick Up

Easy and efficient online order identification. Enhance customer experience with faster order pickup.

Eliminate picking-related errors and lost sales caused by order mistakes. Provide a checklist for order picking and quality assurance indicator all in one solution.

Optimize replenishment and streamline restocking processes. Seamlessly re-introduce products for in-store sale to reduce shrinkage and speed sales.

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