The lowest priced carton of receipt paper rolls may not be the best value.

We recently did a comparison of a 50-roll carton of Iconex POS rolls to other vendors’ 50-roll cartons to see which choice was best and wanted to share our results with you.

The typical POS roll is 230 feet long. Costs for 50-roll cartons of other vendors’ rolls ranged from $70-90. A comparable Iconex POS roll is 273 feet long. A 50-roll carton of our POS rolls is $76.75. We know you can do the math, but we’ll save you time.


Iconex POS rolls: $0.0056

Other vendors/ POS rolls: $0.006-$0.0078

Even more important than actual cost of the roll is making sure you get high-quality rolls for your POS systems. Iconex continues to be the world’s largest manufacturer of quality receipt solutions compatible with NCR and non-NCR POS systems. Buy Iconex POS paper rolls and you can expect:

  • Consistent paper quality leads to fewer media-related failures, ensuring maximum system uptime.
  • POS rolls manufactured with industry best practices that meet ISO-certified 9001:2008 standards.
  • Rigorous inspection and certifications processes to ensure all paper meets the stated specifications.
  • Consistent, high density, legible printed characters for optimum bar code scanning, receipt archive-ability and efficiency in the merchandise return process.
  • Reduced costs due to fewer service calls.
  • Longer rolls resulting in lower cost/foot and more importantly fewer cashier interventions.

Ensuring that your customers can be quickly and efficiently processed when they need to check out increases consumer satisfaction. Reducing frequency with which your cashiers need to change rolls is also a significant time savings that adds up over the course of a month.

Are you getting the best deal on your POS rolls?