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Banks and Credit Unions

How can we help the systems for your bank or credit union run at their best?

As consumers, we all tend to expect that ATMs will work perfectly. But when things go awry? Well, that adds up to the kind of customer frustration that can potentially cause your bank to lose revenues—and loyalty. That’s because the whole experience is about trust.

A simple switch to Iconex™ printer supplies can improve ATM uptime so customers can get a receipt when they need it. Iconex offers the highest quality paper, inking ribbons, item processing supplies, cleaning products, laser cartridges and more. So you can:

  • Reduce ATM paper jams by up to 35%, using Iconex Certified Media™ —our rigorously tested receipt paper.
  • Change the face of receipts with Iconex 2ST™ thermal printing—it’s high-speed, prints more information on less paper and wins customer loyalty with targeted messages.
  • Improve branch operations with laser cartridges for all major printer brands, and cost-saving preventive maintenance using Iconex™ cleaning products for ATMs and check scanners.

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