Join the Iconex™ Team

There is something special about working at a company that has a heritage stretching back to the 1890s. Iconex invented the paper receipt in 1893 and continues to be an innovation leader. We place great emphasis on fostering an atmosphere of employee engagement and empowerment to share ideas and solutions that drive innovation.

How to Apply

We go to great lengths to find the right people. Below are a few tips regarding our application process, which we hope will assist you when applying for a job at Iconex™.

1. Identify an Opportunity That Fits Your Profile

  • Browse our open positions
  • Identify the roles that fit better with your previous experience, strengths & capabilities

2. What Does the Job Require?

  • Key Responsibilities
  • Area of expertise
  • Previous work experience: years, function, background
  • Educational requirements
  • Qualifications: Technical or functional skills & core competencies
  • Cultural diversity & language domain
  • Level of responsibility
  • Location (if it’s open or not for relocation)
  • Travel percentage

3. Self-Assessment: Analyze your background vs. the job requirements

  • Do a critical analysis on your strengths and opportunity areas in order to compare them against the job description.
  • Defining what you have: your competencies & style

4. Are we right for you?

  • Learn more about our culture: Visit the other pages within our Careers section, and the About page, to learn about our Mission, Vision & Values, and compare towards your own needs and values
  • Identify why you want to work for Iconex™
  • Identify why you would be the right candidate for the position

5. Apply

We highly suggest you to select & apply to the job which most appropriately matches your qualifications.
  • For career opportunities in North, Central, or South America, send your résumé to [email protected]
  • For career opportunities in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, send your résumé to [email protected]
  • For career opportunities in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, send your résumé to [email protected]