Iconex™ is the premier provider of solutions essential to daily commerce. We are the iconic inventor and continued leader in receipts, and we connect people and goods through “best in class” labeling and tracking technology. Building upon our unique tradition of innovation, we are creating the next generation of business process improvements.

We keep commerce moving by helping connect businesses with people and goods. 


At the heart of Iconex™ beats a team of great people striving to help customers apply receipt and label technology, as well as other business essentials, in new ways. Our goal is to help your business thrive. We are dedicated to unparalleled support of our customers, our communities and our people.

Enduring Values, Innovative Approach

Everything about Iconex™ reflects our commitment to excellence, from the high quality of our products to our dedication to customers.

Iconex™ has high standards for its employees and deep respect for our customers with integrity guiding our decisions and actions.

By engaging enthusiastically with colleagues and customers every day, we build our culture, have fun and strive to exceed customers’ expectations.

With our forward-thinking approach, we anticipate the needs of businesses and consumers in a fast-changing world.

We’ve built our business on personal connections and trusted partnerships with customers, employees, neighbors and investors.

Meet Our Leaders

Iconex’s management team has deep and varied experience that enables us to continually add value for our customers and employees.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
President, Iconex Europe
Vice President, People Operations
Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations
Vice President, Strategy
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July 20, 2016
White Paper

Are your customers experiencing long lines and frequent order inaccuracy? Find an easy way to make your restaurant operations more productive and profitable.

April 19, 2016
White Paper
Are your checkout employees experiencing frequent credit card read failures? Manual credit card entries cost more and are prone to error. Why pay extra credit card fees due to failed card reads?

Latest News

September 07, 2017
Iconex is announcing an additional increase of 8.0% on all one-sided direct thermal paper grades.
August 01, 2017
Thermal paper prices are increasing in North America due to rising input costs and a reduction of thermal paper imports. Iconex has challenged this increase and delayed passing it to the North American market as long as possible.
July 10, 2017
Longtime Paper and Packaging Executive Joins Industry Leader In Receipts and Labeling Solutions
April 04, 2017
Longtime Manufacturing Industry Executive Tapped to Further Accelerate Growth for Receipt and Label Solutions Leader
June 15, 2016
One June 2, Citizen Tribune published an article announcing the acquisition of NCR of Morristown, Tennessee, by Atlas Holdings LLC.
May 27, 2016
Atlas Holdings LLC announced today the launch of Iconex™, its newest operating company, with the acquisition of the Interactive Printer Solutions (IPS) division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR).


NCR, Iconex’s former parent company, created its first printing department to make paper rolls and forms to help businesses keep track of purchases.


Invented and introduced the paper receipt globally to the market, integrating it into the mechanical cash register. These registers are known as Get a Receipt registers.


NCR printing department is largest in U.S. NCR ships 17,796 miles of receipt paper for holiday shipping season.


Thermal receipt paper first introduced and starts to replace traditional bond paper receipts.


The Iconex Sticky MediaTM is patented and introduced to the market.


The 2STTM printing technology is patented.


The two-sided label printing is introduced to the market for improved shipping of online purchases.


As part of NCR, we became the largest provider of receipt paper globally.


Atlas Holdings buys Interactive Printer Solutions division of NCR Corporation and launches Iconex.